Simple JS Dictionary




Simple JavaScript based dictionary app that runs on a web browser locally without any server or internet connection needed.

As example, this dictionary filled with English-Indonesia words definition.

By purchasing this product you will be able to modify it’s source code to fit your needs in creating a dictionary app.

It has basic features such as:

  • Displaying word list based on alphabetical order from A to Z, both in two mode English-Indonesia and Indonesia-English.
  • Quick find ability to search for contents immediately by typing in the search box.
  • Responsive design.

Words and definitions are stored in a file called db.js. You can modify it’s content, for example change te value of “en” into something in a language (Spanish, etc.) and also change the value of “id” into its translation.

Below if a part of codes inside db.js:

Note: You don’t need to change the key names (en, id), just change its values. Otherwise you have to change another part of the codes related to it.


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